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Wisdom and Wellness Wrap Up #7

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Wisdom & Wellness Wrap-Up!


I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. Reflecting on the past week, I’ve been reminded of the importance of small yet consistent efforts in all aspects of life—physical, mental, and spiritual. As we journey together, I’m excited to share insights and studies that echo the profound impact of incremental changes on our overall well-being.

Wisdom: Faithfulness in the Little Things

In the journey towards holistic health, the biblical wisdom of being faithful in small matters stands out as a guiding principle. “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much…” (Luke 16:10). This scripture underlines the importance of stewardship over our bodies, minds, and spirits. It’s a gentle reminder that taking care of ourselves in seemingly minor ways can prepare us for greater blessings and responsibilities.

Caring for our health is not just a physical endeavor but a spiritual one as well. It’s about recognizing the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit and nurturing our mental and spiritual well-being. By consistently engaging in healthy habits, no matter how small, we open ourselves up to the abundance God has in store for us.

Wellness: The Compound Effect of Small Changes

The concept that small changes lead to significant results over time is not only intuitive but also supported by research. This idea, akin to the compound interest principle in finance, applies remarkably well to wellness.

One study that illustrates this concept is conducted by Dr. James O. Hill, which found that individuals who made slight modifications to their daily routines, such as walking an extra 2,000 steps or cutting 100 calories from their diet, experienced significant weight loss and health improvements over time (Hill et al., 2015). This research underscores the power of cumulative effects in achieving long-term health goals.

Another example is a review published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, which highlights the effectiveness of incremental physical activity in reducing the risk of chronic diseases. The study advocates for the integration of moderate exercises, like brisk walking, into daily life as a sustainable approach to improve overall health (Swift et al., 2013).


The wisdom of being faithful in small things and the wellness principle of incremental change both guide us towards achieving a balanced and fulfilling life. As we apply these principles, let’s remember that every small step taken in faith and with perseverance brings us closer to our goals.

As we embark on this journey together, let’s encourage one another to remain steadfast in our commitment to wellness, embracing each day as an opportunity to grow and improve. Your faith and fitness journey is a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.



As always, it is a pleasure to serve you on your faith & fitness journey.


Adam Braud

Author Adam Braud

I'm Adam Braud, a Certified Fitness Professional. I’m a Louisiana native that hails from Baton Rouge! My fitness journey began at age 14 when I joined a friend and his dad for a workout at the gym, and I’ve never looked back. Along with my passion for fitness, I have a deep and genuine love for people. I’ve been able to express a lot of that through nearly thirty years of ministry experience. I integrate my love for fitness and people by providing a unique coaching experience through my app, public speaking, and 1:1 training. I couple science-based fitness with care for the whole person. My hope is to help people to take care of themselves in a way that allows them to be around and do the work they feel called to for a long time to come.

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